Our FOunder

Matthew W. Shelley, a veteran of Marine Force Recon, founded Elysium Industries in late 2014. While working on his post-bacc premedical studies and employed as an EMT in a local Emergency Department, he realized that his passions were not tied to becoming a medical doctor. He decided that helping people develop healthful, happy and active lifestyles was a better way for him to impact his community. As an amateur photographer and explorer who regularly finds himself alone and miles from anywhere, he began creating homemade, natural-food bars for his adventures. He decided to share these with others and thus the beginnings of the Elysium Bar.

Mr. Shelley wants to continue giving back to the veteran and local communities through his time and the monetary contributions of Elysium Industries (see Helping Vets)


Courtesy: Karma Davenport

Ty McNeely Photography 2014  www.tymcneeley.com